The Best Dog and Pet Strollers of 2019

While most people are quite fond of walking their furry friends, there’s a lot to be said for finding the best dog stroller around. Many people have found them to be a quite useful way to transport their canines in certain circumstances and… let’s face it, there’s something quite alluring about watching a dachshund stick their nose out of a stroller.

We’ve dug up some of the best for you, in order to make sure that you don’t end up with a horrible dud that’s just going to turn into a sled under serious usage.

Why Use a Dog Stroller?

While many people scoff at the idea.

“It’s just a dog, walk it!”

There are many situations where a dog stroller can come in handy:

  • Transporting a litter of puppies to the vet for whatever necessity arises
  • Getting yourself in shape without tiring out your dog, even if you do still have them walk with you for a portion of your trip.
  • They’re much easier to use than carriers for specific trips
  • Older dogs can still get out of the house, even if they have serious joint issues like arthritis arising
  • Paw protection in areas where the pavement and concrete gets quite hot. No dog should be made to walk on the pavement in harsh Arizona summers for instance.
  • Getting fresh air for dogs which have recently suffered injuries or gone through surgery
  • They can often be taken into places where a carrier or leash would be frowned upon. If you have a support dog they’re a great option.

The list really does go on for some time. Chances are that if you’re here, you and your canine companion already have a goal in mind, but they really are a versatile way to transport your dog along the way.

What to Look for in a Dog Stroller

Before we dive into finding the right stroller, let’s take a look at what you need to make sure you’ve got the proper dog stroller for your needs.

Sizing and Weight Capacity

The size of the stroller and the amount of weight which they can carry is an enormous factor in which is going to be suitable for you.

The internal capacity of the stroller is going to be the biggest thing to look for, of course, since if the dog can’t fit then you’re going not going to be able to take your mutt on the move.

As long as the dog can fit, you’ll also want to make sure they’re not too heavy. So get to measuring and weighing your dog before you even start to pick a stroller.

The easiest way to make sure your dog will fit:

  1. Fold a towel in the floor dimensions of the stroller you’re looking at.
  2. Set your dog on it.

Pretty simple right?


The tires on your stroller make a big difference in where you’ll be able to go.

Many of them are constructed of plastic, which is fine for sidewalks although it’ll give a bumpy ride. These hard plastics are undoubtedly the cheapest, but they’re not the best around. Regardless, if you’re looking to save some cash on your budget then they’re a good option.

Coming in after this we have air filled tires. Much like the tires on your bicycle or car, they’re designed to be both tough and mold slightly to terrain to provide a smoother ride. The problem with these comes in with the extended maintenance.

EVA tires are a common choice for strollers. They’re extremely durable and low maintenance, but there is a drawback: they simply don’t provide as smooth of a ride as air-filled tires. If you’re planning on staying on flat, relatively simple terrain like grass and sidewalks they’re a good choice but if you want to get on anything rough go with air tires instead.

Zipperless Entry

If your canine isn’t much of a runner, then zipperless entry makes a great additional feature for you and your animal. It’ll allow them to jump in and out easily, which is especially great if you like to exercise with your pet but they tire out more quickly than you do.

Escape artists may need something a bit more secure, however, and if your dog is particularly jumpy you’ll be in good hands.

There’s one other thing to keep in mind about these: on cheaper strollers, the zippers tend to be a weak point.

Locking Front Wheels

While swivels often seem like a much better option, being able to lock your front wheel has a ton of simple applications. The first of which is that it makes things handle better when you’re on rough terrain by a long shot.

The second option is for joggers. Even on flat terrain, it’s much better to make sure that your dog stroller is headed exactly where you need it to go rather than swiveling if it hits an errant crack in the sidewalk at a higher speed.

We strongly recommend looking for a locking front wheel if you’re going to be on rough terrain or jogging with your stroller.

So, What Am I Looking For?

Which stroller is the perfect decision for you and your dog is going to vary widely based upon what your planned usage is and how big your animal is.

Essentially, you need to match the stroller you’re looking for to the size of your dog and the terrain. You’ll also want to keep in mind if you’re planning on jogging or walking for the majority of the time which you’ll be using it.

Best Dog Strollers for Small Dogs

For those little pups who’ve made their way into our hearts, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got everything ready to go with a smaller basket. You’ll want to keep in mind your dog’s size and weight in order to make sure you get the best deal for your small dog.

Dogger Dog Stroller

Coming in with a basket sized at 27”x13.5”x20”, this is one of the highest quality dog strollers around. In addition to the 364 square inches of space, it can also hold up to 60lbs. If your pup will fit, then it’s likely to be a good fit for you and your pet.

This is a three-wheeled design, combined with 12” air-filled tires to allow for maximum versatility. In addition to that, you’ll quickly find that the rear shocks greatly reduce the impact of rougher terrain on your dog’s ride which makes it suitable for jogging and rough terrain.

This is a rugged little beast, with adjustable handlebars so you can make sure that you’ve got just the right grip to keep things under control. It also has a great canopy which can be adjusted quickly and easily to make sure that everything stays comfortable.

It’s also possible to collapse this stroller, making it super portable since it’ll easily fit in the trunk space of the majority of vehicles.

You’ll also quickly find that it’s remarkably light, at only 24 pounds.

Our Opinion:

If you’ve got a small dog and you want only the highest quality stroller for them, then you’ll be well-served with the Dogger Dog Stroller. It’s simply the best around for it’s size and weight, although it’s only suitable for smaller dogs.

  • High-quality construction
  • Quick recharging
  • Rear suspension shocks
  • Collapses for easier transport
  • A bit expensive
  • Tires can be hard to fill

Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller

The Promenade Pet Stroller is a little bit smaller than our favorite of these small dog transporters, but it still gave us an overall positive experience. This one is sized at 25”x13”x21.5”, giving it a basket size of 325 square inches.

The wheels are great, being invaluable rubber wrapped around a sturdy plastic hub. These allow it to transport up to 50 pounds with ease, and the double front tire actually works remarkably well so long as you aren’t planning on heading into really rough terrain. It’s suitable for most trails, but particularly rocky areas are going to give you some definite trouble.

The mesh for the canopy is particularly classy. It comes up and back, instead of forcing you to bring it back at the same angle as the rest of it and allowing more room for your pet. The basket at the bottom is also pretty cool, letting you zip it up to protect whatever you might be bringing along with you for the ride.

The handle on this one is adjustable as well, allowing you to pick and choose where you want to go for your stride and arm length.

It’s also got two leads if you’re looking to carry multiple pets, but keep in mind the size restriction compared to our favorite.

Our Opinion:

If you’re looking for something a little bit cheaper for hitting flat trails, then you’ll be right at home with the Promenade Pet Stroller, it’s simply one of the best around.

  • Dual front wheel design for stability
  • Sturdy rubber tires with plastic rims
  • Smart Canopy brings things up and around
  • Adjustable handle
  • Still a bit expensive
  • Not suitable for rocky trails due to front tires

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

It may not look like much at first glance, but this stroller with a 19”x12”x19” basket is sure to impress when you take a closer look. Keep in mind, however, that it only has 228 cubic inches of space to contain an animal, which really isn’t a whole lot but it’s more than enough for most small dogs if they’re being wheeled along by themselves.

The weight capacity puts it right at 30 pounds, which should be enough to haul even the chubbiest critter that’ll fit in the basket, but it pales in comparison to our top picks. It also has plastic tires, which tend to ride pretty rough on all but the flattest of surfaces.

The frame itself is well constructed, however, and it folds down to a quite small 34”x8” which means it’ll fit in the back of almost any vehicle without incident. The under basket is pretty bare as well, with no frills present there.

All four of the wheels are doubled up as well. In practice, this was kind of cool, since it allowed for a lot of maneuverability overall, but it also made the stroller unsuitable for any but the flattest terrain.

Our Opinion:

Overall, the VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller is a good value for the money, but it’s hard to compare it to our top picks. If you want something basic for rolling around sidewalks it’s a good choice, however, and it’s remarkably well-built in spite of its faults.

  • Highly maneuverable due to double wheel design
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Front pocket and under basket
  • Folds down for more portability
  • Relatively small cargo area
  • Only suitable for smooth terrain

BestPet Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage 3 Wheels Stroller

If you’re looking for something on a tight budget which can handle some decent terrain, then you’re likely to be interested in the BestPet Pet Stroller. It has a 21”x14”x19” basket, with an impressive 294 square inches of space, and while the wheels are a bit small it’s still a good option for slightly rougher terrain.

Unfortunately, the superior storage space and other features are somewhat overridden by the small size of the tires which means it’s still pretty limited in where you can go. Unfortunately, they’re plastic as well which doesn’t exactly make it a smooth ride.

One super nice thing though: it has a great little cup holder. It’s still a bit shallow for those who are planning on running along trails but on the streets, it works great. It’s offset somewhat by the fact that the joints are nylon, instead of aluminum, which helps it keep from bouncing too much but it’s not the best for that.

Our Opinion:

Overall, this is probably the best budget stroller you’re going to find for running around on relatively easy trail and it’s definitely maneuverable and suitable for the street. The price is right though, especially if you want to take some easy trails with your dog.

  • Three-wheeled design is good for trails
  • Has a cup holder
  • Folds down for easy transport
  • Nylon joints make for a better ride than it appears
  • Small tires don’t lend to rough trails
  • Zippers could use some quality control

Best Dog Strollers for Medium Dogs

Of course, not everyone has a tiny little pupper to call their own. If your dog is approaching medium size, then you’re going to want something with a little bit more bulk to carry your pet safely. They also usually feature higher build-quality than smaller strollers, which is a definite bonus for those with multiple smaller dogs to cart around.

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry

For those with a hankering for a pet stroller with a zipperless entry, suitable for medium-sized dogs, this is the one. The 28”x12.5”x22.5” basket lands you with 350 squared inches and a 70-pound capacity.

All of this is carried by three air ride tires with aluminum rims in order to make the ride as smooth as possible. The tires are 12” tall, making them plenty strong enough to give a good ride over even rough trails.

The canopy locks in three positions, with a rain cover and mesh screen to keep your dog in, just the rain cover, or all the way back to let your canine companion get a wide view of the world around him as the two of you walk together.

It also comes in a few different colors, for those who want to customize their pet stroller to match their pet’s personality.

It’s a bit on the expensive side, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, then this is a great option. It’d be great even if it was zippered, but the easy-to-use clasp makes this the best in its class.

Our Opinion:

For those who are interested in only the best of the best in their medium sized dog stroller, you’ll want to take a close look at this stroller. It’s the best-of-the-class, and sure to make both you and your pet happy.

  • Air-ride tires that are 12” tall
  • Three position canopy
  • Comes with an all-weather cover
  • Single tires make it suitable for trails as well as roads
  • Quite expensive
  • Fold up dimensions are pretty large

DoggyRide Mini Dog Stroller

This little dog house on wheels isn’t the most photogenic of our picks, it comes in with one big advantage: 345 square inches of room for your pal, with a riding space measuring 23”x15”x22”. The capacity here is 55 pounds, which isn’t inconsiderable.

The other big advantage comes with the two 12” air ride tires and a simple, swiveling front tire which can easily be lifted out of the way when it comes time to come over obstructions. The 38.5” high handle and low center of gravity make it ideal for going up steps and other urban obstructions although we didn’t care for its performance off-road.

The front panel of the cabin comes with a built-in windscreen, although the sides remain unprotected without purchasing an additional cover.

The interior is particularly sweet for your dogs, however, with a great deal of padding to keep them comfortable. The dogs might need it if you aren’t careful with the stroller, but we found it quite maneuverable and easy to use in tight spaces due to the handle.

Our Opinion:

The DoggyRide Mini Dog Stroller has some unique advantages and a great design for utility. Overall it’s not the best of the best, but it’s perfect for someone who wants to haul their dog through an urban landscape.

  • Tall, easily removed air-filled tires
  • Unique design makes it great for steps
  • Large cabin space
  • Very maneuverable due to smaller third wheel
  • Not suitable for trails or other rough areas
  • Engineering definitely came before aesthetics

Pet Gear No-Zip AT3 Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry

Another of Pet Gears No-Zip series made our list. This one has a bigger cabin than our favorite, measuring 30”x13”22” to give an astonishing 390 square feet of floor space. The tires here are EVA and 12”.

Thanks to the tire design and awesome floor space, this might just be the best of the urban dog strollers we found. It’s perfect for tooling around town, and the tires are extra durable for extended rides on hard surfaces. They’re not quite as smooth of a ride as air-filled tires, but they’re extra durable.

It’s also got plenty of storage space for your things underneath, which is good since you’re probably not going to hit the 75-pound weight limit with appropriately sized pets. It’s even got a tray up top to hold your drink and keys.

It’s also got an elevated paw rest, allowing your dog to get a good view if you choose to retract the mesh canopy while you’re out and about.

Our Opinion:

Overall, this is an excellent dual-use pet stroller. It doesn’t perform quite as well on trails as the air-filled version, and it doesn’t perform quite as well in urban areas. For those who want to push their dogs in varied terrain, it’s definitely the best option around, however.

  • EVA tires for durability
  • Enormous storage capacity
  • Great weight capacity
  • Good in varied terrain
  • A bit expensive
  • Not the best at any one thing

Best Large Dog Strollers

Unless you have a truly ursine pet, there’s definitely something out there you’ll be able to use. Large dog strollers have a tendency to be a bit over-built and large, but for the right dog and owner combination, they’re an excellent way to get even ancient large dogs out and about. Of course, they’re also useful if you want to take the whole household of pets along with you on a walk.

Booyah Strollers Large Pet Dog Stroller

32”x24”x21”. That’d be 768 square inches of space for your favorite canine to push along, and it comes with 88 pounds of capacity and some impressively large air-filled tires.

This is a big stroller, the outside dimensions are 34” wide so you may want to check your doors before you get going because this one might end up being stored in the backyard if your doorways aren’t wide enough.

That’s not a problem for most people, however, as this one is definitely more designed for going down trails than anything else. Your dog can enter from both the front, and the back, and it comes with a built-in flap for shade or rain protection in the front.

The swiveling front wheel tends to be a bit unstable on really rough terrain with larger dogs, however, so you may want to limit things if your dog is truly mammoth. On regular trails or for a getting your old dog out and down the road it really shines, however.

Our Opinion:

This is our favorite of the large dog strollers, it shines on trails but you may want to limit just how big of a dog you put in it if you’re into rougher trails. It’s big enough for most canines, however, so snatch it up.

  • Large interior capacity
  • Air-filled tires for a smoother ride
  • Great price
  • Front and rear entrances
  • Too large for many doorways
  • A bit tippy when near capacity

Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller with Push Button Entry

This was the best of the zipperless large dog strollers we could find. The slightly smaller version weighs in at 27”x15.5”20” and has a 418 square inch capacity, while the larger version is 32”x22”23” and has a 704 square inch bottom. Their maximum capacities come in at 100 and 150 pounds respectively which means they’re capable of hauling pretty much any dog that will fit in them.

Like most of the large dog strollers we looked at, it has both a front and rear entry. This one comes with a lot of little options that make it stand out, however. The biggest difference is in the zipperless design, but the adjustable handle height is also a nice touch to let you keep your stride as you walk with it.

The tires are all EVA, with two large ones in the back and some easy swiveling smaller ones in the front. This makes maneuvering the stroller around town a snap, although it can be a bit troublesome on other surfaces.

It’s easy to use, comes in multiple sizes and colors, and the only real drawback is that it costs quite a bit.

Our Opinion:

Pet Gear once again outperforms the competition, if you’re willing to pay the premium for their quality. It’s great for multiple pets, for particularly large dogs, and just for those who want to ensure a high-quality, smooth ride around town.

  • Super high build-quality
  • Adjustable handle
  • Quite maneuverable for it’s size
  • Enormous weight capacity
  • Quite expensive
  • Very large, even when folded down

HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty

This was the smallest of the large dog strollers that we looked at, but if it’s suitably sized for your dog then you may want to take a second look. The basket measures at 30”x18” floor, giving it a 540 square inch capacity but the weight capacity only sits at 75 pounds.

It’s also quite affordable in comparison to its size, which is nice. That said, the plastic double-wheel designs don’t really lend themselves to a whole lot of different terrains other than concrete and asphalt. It’s also got a bit of an issue if you fill it to its weight capacity due to the higher center of gravity.

For multiple smaller pets, however, it’s a great and roomy option. Just be aware of its shortcomings before you decide this is the right solution for a colossal canine.

The construction of the frame is nice, albeit heavy, since it consists of stainless steel tubing and aluminum, with nylon joints.

Our Opinion:

For multiple pets this is the perfect solution, just don’t push the weight capacity too far or you’re not going to have a good time on the road. Those with off-road inclinations will also want to give it a pass.

  • Folds quickly and easily
  • Very durable construction
  • High center of gravity compared to comparably sized options
  • Weather-proof top
  • Plastic wheels
  • Can be tippy at higher weights

Best Double Dog Strollers

For those who are looking to carry multiple pets, many of the above will work out pretty well. There are also extra-wide strollers around specifically designed for this purpose, however. Let’s take a look at our two favorites, both of which are best suited for carrying more than one animal during your stroll. The main difference here is that these tend to be wider and have a much more stable base than those which are only intended for one animal.

Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller

Pet Gear always seems to find their way into our favorites in this category, and their No-Zip Double Pet Stroller is definitely a great way to get things going. Coming in with an extra wide compartment for your animals at 27”x20”x23”, giving the pet space an area of 540 square inches and a capacity of 90lbs.

It also boasts air ride tires which sit at 12”. This gives a smooth ride on most terrains, and the included pump is also quite easy to use. The entire stroller is quite suitable for carrying two small dogs and if they’re not particularly long then you’ve got a good chance that they’ll be able to lie down as well.

This is another No-Zip model, opening easily with a clasp to let you put the dog in without any hassle. It’s also guaranteed to last longer than most of the zippers out there.

This is a “three-wheel” design, with a double front tire to provide the extra stability you’ll need to transport more than one pet as well, although it kind of makes it harder to use in rock-strewn terrain.

On top of all of that, it comes with a thick bolster pad to ensure your dog will get a good rest while you’re on the road.

Our Opinion:

If you’re looking for a top of the line double pet stroller, this is the one that you should be looking at. Just be aware that costs tend to run a bit high at this level of quality.

  • Wide enough for two pets
  • Air-filled tires for a good ride
  • Extremely stable base
  • Smart Canopy to allow for more room
  • Double front tire makes rocky terrain difficult
  • Expensive

ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller

If you’re not looking to break the bank and you’ve got a double stroller in mind, you may want to take a closer look at the ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller. With a 24.4”x13”x24” basket and a 317.2 square inch basket it’s suitable for more than one animal as long as they’re quite small. It can hold up to 72lbs, which is awesome since a lot of the weight is likely to be in the large storage basket.

The real advantage here is the extra wide and stable base, set on four relatively small EVA tires that’ll retain grip in most conditions and last practically forever under normal usage.

It also folds down, which is a definite bonus for many people since it also makes it quite portable. The frame is constructed almost entirely of aluminum keeping it lightweight as well.

The canopy retracts all the way, allowing your dogs an entirely panoramic view of their surroundings while you cruise down the road. Even better, the way the frame is constructed it’s not only super stable, it also adds a little bit of “suspension” which makes it easy to take up curbs.

All of this adds up to a fantastic little dog stroller which is ultra-stable although the base is a bit low to be taking it down rougher trails.

Our Opinion:

If you have two small dogs that you can’t bear to leave home without, ibiyaya has a solution for you in the form of their Double Dog Stroller. It’s quite cheap for what you get as well.

  • Ultra-stable base
  • EVA tires for increased durability
  • Fully opening canopy
  • Excellent storage baske
  • A bit low for rough terrain
  • Basket space is quite small

Best Dog Jogging Strollers

Many people like to jog with their dogs, but they can’t always keep up for a long distance. We’ve found some solutions for canines of nearly every size, with our main focus being on good tires and locking wheels.

Not every dog stroller suitable for jogging is going to require a locking front wheel, but we strongly recommend that you consider it. Both you and your pet can take a big tumble if you hit the wrong crack with a front wheel sideways.

DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller

It’s expensive, but with a 31.5”x21”x25.5”, giving it a 661 square inch floor space. It’s got a capacity of 110bs, which combined with the air ride tires makes it a cozy ride for all but the largest of canines.

This one has a smaller, swiveling front tire which can be locked if you’re planning on traveling at higher speeds. The lock is simple, and comes in handy on hills during slower treks as well.

You’ll also be pleased to know that there’s an orthopedic pad which is specially made for this trailer, which is great for dogs with arthritis or other joint issues although it’s a bit costly.

Overall, it’s a great design for those who want to jog with a larger dog. The only real problem comes in how much it costs, although there are a few other things we noticed and weren’t super fond of.

Our Opinion:

On the other hand, if you’re planning on jogging with your larger canine, then you’re not going to find a better option. We don’t suggest subbing it for dogs which will fit in our other favorites, however.

  • Extremely large cabin
  • Excellently designed, air-ride wheels
  • Removable wheels for easy transport
  • High build-quality
  • Expensive
  • Small front tire makes rough terrain hard

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

Pet Gear produces this excellent medium sized dog jogging stroller. It comes in with a 30”x13”x22” cabin, totaling 390 squared inches, and a 75lb capacity.

All of this tops one of the best chassis for jogging we’ve ever seen. With three 12”, rugged, air-filled tires and a locking front wheel to keep you going in a straight line it’s utterly fantastic. Combined with the zipperless entry, you’ll be in good hands with this one.

The entire thing is well centered, a bit farther back than many of the competing models and suitable for even rough terrain once that front wheel is locked. It’s exceptionally stable and well-built, albeit a bit on the expensive side.

It also has a “parent tray” which will allow you to ensure that you’ve got everything you need, albeit the cup holder is a little bit shallow. There are also a few different color options to pick from, allowing you to suit you or your dog’s personality.

Our Opinion:

If you’re wanting to take your medium sized dog on adventures, or even just a casual jog around the park, take a closer look at this model from Pet Gear. It’s perfectly suited for most people’s needs.

  • Awesome, rugged, air-ride tires
  • Front wheel can be locked for traveling at higher speeds
  • Panoramic view for your pet
  • Parent tray
  • Cup tray is a bit too shallow to be of real use
  • Small front tire makes rough terrain hard

Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Pet Stroller

Coming in with a basket measuring 26”x14”x22”, giving it a floor of 364 square inches, this is a great model for a small to medium-sized dog. It can hold up to 75lbs comfortably and the stable design makes it perfect for jogging in most places.

The main problem here is the EVA tires. EVA is great on most surfaces, but when things get rough they simply don’t hold a candle to air ride tires. If you mostly jog on surface trails or asphalt, you’re not likely to notice the difference unless you like to run it into potholes.

The handle is adjustable, allowing you to make sure you’ve got just the right stride to suit your running pace. It’s a bit short in wheelbase overall, and the smart canopy allows for almost all of the room contained within the basket to be used easily.

It’s also got two internal tie-ins, which is great for those with multiple smaller dogs. You can also allow your animals in from either the back or the front, which makes for a nice touch.

Our Opinion:

For small to medium sized dogs, this is a great stroller. It’s also suitable if you’re planning on jogging with more than one dog, making it great for those with a couple of canines in their lives.

  • Excellently balanced
  • Locking and protected front wheel
  • Extra large baske
  • Excellent canopy
  • Weight limit might be a bit optimistic
  • EVA tires aren’t great for trail jogging

Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle Trailer Stroller

With a 23”x27”x22” carriage, this dog stroller is suited for quite a few dogs. That 621 square inch space can hold up to 66lbs and underneath it is a set of awesome air ride tires. That’s great, but it also means it doesn’t hold quite as much weight as most strollers of comparable size.

The polyester outer shell is quite water resistant as well, making it great for jogging or biking in any weather.

Did we mention it doubles as a bike trailer? That suits it perfectly for a wide variety of uses and it’s quick and easy to change out the uses. There’s a whole lot to be said for this one, as long as you stay underneath the weight limit.

It also comes with a visibility flag for when you’re in traffic. It’s also easy to assemble and disassemble if you’re planning on bringing it in the car for wider ranging doggie adventures.

Our Opinion:

This trailer/stroller is pretty large, but as long as you stay under the weight capacity it’s one of the most versatile strollers on the market.

  • Water resistant shell
  • Easy to travel with
  • Doubles as a bike trailer
  • Large space for your pet
  • Low weight capacity
  • Can tip easily with larger dogs


There’s nothing in the world quite like making sure that an ailing or tired dog can keep up with you while you’re out and about. Picking up a dog stroller is one of the best ways to make this happen, and ensuring you’ve got only the best for your dog is a great way to make sure you’re going to have a good doggone time.


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